Apologies, bugfixes and versioning

Short version:

  • I've been busy and procrastinating. FC is not dead, I'm just slow. Sorry!
  • I fixed some bugs!
  • Take a look below if you wanna know how I version things (and why I think itch's default of increment by 1 is dumb)

Long version:

The lack of updates:

So! Life has been busy. I've not updated this project for over 2 months. I'm really sorry about that. Things have been stressful and I decided to do Eevee's Strawberry Jam 2 to take my mind off it. I actually did pixel art O.o
You can check that out over here if you're interested - adults only! It's also very unfinished, but that's okay because it's an ongoing thing :)

So yeah, Fursona Creator isn't dead. I'm getting back into it now, hopefully.


Quite a few, though there are also more to be fixed:

  • Rabbit Lop ears now mesh properly with the rest of the image (instead of stopping short)
  • Ear Internal colour can now be set on Rabbit Lop ears, so that it shows up on the colour ref
  • The tab containers now resize themselves properly
  • The program now starts at a low resolution and allows you to choose higher resolutions if you want (although 1920x1080 is still the internal and default)

A few things that I know I need to work on in the future:

  • "Alt" head parts can't be recoloured (see Avian for an example)
  • At lower resolutions, the text is difficult to read
  • Currently only ctrl, space and h restore the UI. Ideally any keypress should do this
  • Female body has to have breasts - I want people to have the option to have no breasts as a female

That last one is a bigger task than it sounds like. I realistically need some help with it. Still, it will hopefully happen in time ^^


So I use something similar to semantic versioning. All releases that I make are in the form x.y.z. I think this is a lot better than the itch.io default, which is to use a single version number and increment it each time a new build is released.

Under Itch's default, a single number can be used to describe the version. That's pretty useful if the end user doesn't care and the dev can be bothered to work out what versions mean what. The end user just needs to know that they need version (say) 12 or greater. But version 12->13 could be pretty major, and that's pretty unclear.

Semantic versioning means that up to three numbers are needed to describe a version, and obviously this is more annoying for the end user if they're not worrying too much about their version. But it has a few major advantages.

  • The first number (at least for this project) is always going to be either 0 or 1. 0 means that the project is pre-release, and considered unfinished. It's possible that in the future I'll use 2.0 at some point, but I technically don't need to. If there's a major overhaul in the UI, options or something, I may increase the major version.
  • The second number is the minor version - normally used for features. Right now, this is broadly similar to Itch's single number - this is what you look at if you just want to know how far along I am. This can go above 9, since semantic versioning doesn't use an actual decimal number (0.13.5 is a valid version number).
  • The final number is only used for bugfixes (in semantic versioning this is known as the patch number). This is awesome because it means that you, as the end user, can completely ignore this number. You don't care - you always want the latest patch. It means that if I upload a really minor update, you're not going to get massively excited that I've updated it when all I did was fix a tiny bug.

So yeah. That's why I use semantic versioning, in case anyone cared. Just felt like putting that into words :)


fursona-creator-windows-64.zip 43 MB
Version 0.2.1 Mar 13, 2018
fursona-creator-linux-64.zip 44 MB
Version 0.2.1 Mar 13, 2018
fursona-creator-osx-universal.zip 71 MB
Version 0.2.1 Mar 13, 2018

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