Feedback and bugfixes

So I got a bunch of feedback from people overnight/this morning, so I've made some changes and fixed some bugs.


  • Alpha on breasts is fixed (there were previously artifacts on the medium and large breasts)
  • Fixed a bug where the export button sometimes did nothing
  • The start menu now selects 1920x1080 when starting, to reflect the fact that launching without selecting a resolution will launch in 1920x1080
  • Default background is now Solid with a softer colour, and default body is now Masculine Normal instead of none.
  • Moved things about in the main tab, so that the colour pickers are next to the text boxes. This should make it clear that they're not text boxes (see the first screenshot attached).

Planned Improvements:

  • You can't currently move the window about when the program is compiled - I'm going to do something about this when I work out how to! You can when running from source, which is why I didn't notice... ^^;
  • I'm going to add a colour ref (which will display both the colours of various things and the html colour code) to the right of the ref sheet so that the fact that there's shading on the model doesn't cause problems.
  • I'd like to improve the reliability of the background import, but this might not be possible, sadly.

Minor Dev Rant:
So I'm using Godot to make this, mostly because it's the GUI tool that I'm most comfortable with, but also because it's very comfortable dealing with lots of images. But my god, getting that colour picker next to the multiline text box without being the same size was a pain. Godot has a bunch of really useful alignment tools called containers, but none of them allow you to have different sized elements in the same container. All of them insisted on making the colour picker the full height of the text box (see the second screenshot attached).

In the end I had to have two containers for that main tab, one for things above the text box and one below, and then manually place the elements in the tab bar... Which was not fun.


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Dec 27, 2017
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Dec 27, 2017

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