Slowness (and happy new year!)

First of all, happy new year everyone! 2 days late, sorry :p

I've done very little recently. If anyone's been waiting on this, I'm sorry for that. I've actually not opened Godot since the last build, and there are a few reasons for that. General lack of progress has been due to the holidays and seasonal depression, but aside from that my next step is to add in heads. This is quite complicated, as you might expect.

I've just been exporting everything from RadPandas ref sheet into its own PNG right now, and then editing it down to what's useful for me. The problem is, in Godot a layer can only have one user-defined colour. This means that everything I want to be differently colourable has to be on its own layer. Right now this is fine, there's one colour (although when I add patterns there'll be a second). But with heads, I'm going to need layers for:

  • One for each eye
  • Bulk of the head
  • Secondary head features (eg a mane or beak)
  • Nose
  • Ear fluff
  • Hair
  • Earrings/hairbands/other accessories

That's a lot of layers! And each one needs to be a distinct PNG file.

So yeah, don't expect a new build any time soon. This is gonna take a while... :(

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